Crusading Against Animal Cruelty

A collage of photos of animals Network for Animals supports, including dogs, horses, badgers and seals.

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Help Network for Animals create real change for animals around the world. Our current campaigns include disaster relief, the Philippines dog meat trade, the British badger cull, the Canadian seal hunt, rhino hunting in South Africa, horse fighting in the Philippines and the ongoing fight for the freedom of Mali the elephant.

  • £25 could pay for a police escort during a seizure of slaughter bound dogs.
  • £35 could finance a mobile vet clinic for horses for a full day.
  • £50 will vaccinate a badger against bovine TB.

By making a donation towards our crucial work, you are alleviating cruelty and saving lives.

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If you would like to contact us about this form please email or telephone us on 0208 471 7666. Alternatively you can find more ways to donate, learn how to leave a legacy, or see how we use donations.